Officials are upset after confirming the first viral case in Yemen, where health systems have been destroyed for years of civil war.

Yemen faces a “nightmare” as

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the first case of the Coronavirus

Officials are upset after confirming the first viral case in Yemen, where health systems have been destroyed for years of civil war.

Officials are upset after confirming the first viral case in Yemen, where health systems have been destroyed for years of civil war.

Oxfam said it was a “disappointing blow” and described the International Rescue Committee as “a nightmare scenario.”

Yemen suffers from the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, and millions depend on food aid.

Diseases, including cholera, dengue and malaria, are common, and only half of the hospitals are fully operational.

The news of the first case of Koved-19 came one day after the Saudi-led Houthi uprising in Yemen sparked a ceasefire, saying it wanted to help stop the spread of the coronavirus and support UN peace efforts.

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The Yemeni National Emergency Committee said on Friday that the patient was 60 years old in the southern region of vegetable oil production.

A spokesman for Ali al-Walidi said the man was in stable condition at the quarantine center.

According to Reuters, the authorities quickly closed the port where the man worked and ordered the other employees to isolate themselves for two weeks.

The neighboring Shabwa and Mahra areas closed their borders with Hadhramaut, and a 12-hour curfew was imposed.

An analytical fund by Liz Dettus, President of the International Correspondent
While health workers around the world are said to be at the forefront, nurses in Yemen are preparing for another battle. They have always struggled with deadly diseases, including diphtheria and dengue, and in recent years the world’s worst cholera epidemic so far.

Earlier this year, we visited the largest and best government hospitals, controlled by Hauti South and North. Doctors admit they are depressed – and they don’t have the medication or equipment to treat patients.

At a crowded clinic near the right line, the loyal physician Mikia angrily called for an end to the war in Yemen because he was caring for severely malnourished children. Fortunately, there are families that go to hospitals and clinics – most of them do not have access to medical care, and do not live a life where they can be isolated, or exercise social distance.

Even the clean safety with soap and water is a luxury, as another battle begins with this deadly virus.

UN Humanitarian Coordinator Liz Grande said that exposure to the virus in Yemen would be “catastrophic” if it spread.

We were afraid of this for a few weeks, and now it happened.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said it is providing medicines, test kits, fans and training medical services in Yemen.

Xavier Hubert, director of Save the Children in Yemen, said it was necessary for both sides in the civil war to spark a truce.

Millions of Yemenis lived in difficult and unsanitary conditions and were vulnerable to the virus, said Samuna Sabageze of IMZ, adding: “Although we knew this would happen, Coyd-19 distribution in Yemen is still a nightmare scenario.”

Earlier, the World Food Program said it would have to cut aid in half to some Hutu-controlled areas because of the funding crisis.

The United Nations agency said some donors had stopped aid due to fears that Huxley’s forces would interfere with supplies.

From mid-April, families will receive assistance for a month, not a month.

For its part, the Houthi movement accused relief agencies, including the SFP, of corruption and abuse.

The Saudi-led coalition has been fighting the Houthi rebels since 2015. It interfered after Hussein overthrew the internationally recognized government of Sanaa.

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