Dow erases Trump presidency gains

The story of the movie President Trump posted on Twitter

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The index report is the daily newsletter. To access your inbox from Monday to Friday, click here. During this coronavirus pandemic, small and large news organizations across the country are doing a great job. It is not fair to specify only one.

I will continue to do so.

The New York Times is reprinting an effective press, which differs from most news agencies today. When I asked Thames Executive Editor Dean Packet a week ago, what kind of this key is, he said, “The best thing we tried to convey is to remind people of the obvious – we all really live in the story. We all have relatives and friends, and their lives are turned upside down. It changed our lives. Deeply. It makes us sensitive and gives us ideas about history. “

Over the weekend, two stories of Thames appeared.

The first was a massive movie that included President Donald Trump’s slow response to the epidemic. Written by six journalists – Eric Lipton and David E. Sanger, Maggie Haberman, Michael D. Shearer, Marc Masetti, and Julian Bullock. The Times newspaper reported that health experts and some top advisers have warned Trump of the coronary virus crisis. A few weeks ago, he and his team took some real steps to limit their spread. The Times wrote:

Throughout January, as Trump downplayed the virus and focused on other issues, many individuals in his government – from top White House advisers to the government and intelligence experts – identified threats, sounded warnings, and identified the need for aggressive action.

“However, the president was not in a hurry to consider the risks and act accordingly, but instead focused on monitoring communications, protecting the economic gains and preventing warnings from senior officials. He said this is a problem and it is out of nowhere and cannot be expected.

The president, as he usually does with stories he does not like, tweeted to break up the Times, calling the New York Times “a failure.”

In an interview with reliable sources for CNN on Sunday, Bucket protested Trump’s complaint about the use of anonymous sources in The Times, noting that many of the stories Trump was talking about were actually recorded sources and other personal sources. Backup reporting. It features a great story this weekend.

“I hope people read the story and the title,” said Beck. I hope the president will read it, as the tweet indicates he has not read it. I hope you see a historical picture of a government slowly in crisis. “

Another compelling Times press this weekend is from public opinion columnist Nicholas Christoph, with a video from Alexander Stockton, Zach Goldbaum and Michael Kirby Smith. The video and history take viewers to the forefront of the crisis – at two Bronx hospitals.

Simple words cannot describe a strong project. Although difficult to deal with, it is important to remind people of the importance of social distance. As the assistant doctor said: “When people see this, they stay at home.”

President Donald Trump speaks in a discussion about the Coruna Virus team last Friday. (AP Photo / Evan Wuchi)

As I mentioned, President Trump attacked the New York Times over the weekend. But the Times was not the only media that beat Trump on Twitter.

Trump exploded over Chris Wallace Fox, saying: “Chuck Todd from Meet the Press is worse than Chuck Todd’s sleeping eyes” (please!), Or people from Deface the Nation.

Trump also writes that he is currently unhappy with Fox News: “What about Fox News? This is a new soccer game.”

Chirp: “Watching @ Fox News this weekend is a waste of time. We now have some great alternatives like OANN. “

However, as Baker’s New York Times correspondent Peter Baker tweeted, “Before 6:00 PM, Trump calls Fox on weekends – it’s a waste of time.” Three hours later, he interviewed Fox. “

Trump called Jeanine Pirro, but he only appeared for six minutes

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