Palestinian Israeli citizens: coronavirus capsule

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As Netanyahu continues its racial prejudice against the Egyptian people, Israeli security forces commit violence against Palestinian society

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at a recent meeting at Koved 19 with a Palestinian doctor’s delegation that is an Israeli citizen: “Unfortunately, the guidelines are not completely related to the Arab domain. I ask for the cooperation of all citizens of Arab Israel. Writers, please follow the order, [otherwise] many will die, and these precautions can be prevented with your help. “

It is clear that control over the spread of coronavirus depends on a person’s commitment to self-isolation, and not on Netanyahu’s intent. But he continued to promote discrimination against Palestinian citizens, believing that death was “your responsibility.”

This is portrayed as a disaster.
Palestinian citizens are good scapegoats who are accused of spreading them in Israel. Israeli Palestinian citizens are portrayed as a threat to the health and well-being of Jewish citizens – a continuation of the old reforms that portray them as the fifth pillar and illegal citizens.

In a speech inspired by the usual European anti-Semitic book, Jewish Diseases of Proliferation, Netanyahu sets the stage for accusing Palestinians of outbreaks of coronavirus if mitigation efforts fail. He is doing his best: encouraging Palestinian citizens to avoid selfishness in crisis management and to avoid criminal charges.

If there is a sector in which 48 Palestinians are highly represented, the health sector is important (although it still faces discrimination and discrimination in this system). 17% are Palestinian citizens. Many Palestinian doctors, pharmacies, medical professionals and other public health workers are also at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus.

As they put their lives at risk of protecting all living without discrimination, their groups and their families are disdained by the Israeli state.

Showing how Jews relate to the lives of Palestinians, although a fifth of the population are Palestinians, five percent of 19 tests are conducted by Palestinians. As of Sunday, only 48,479 people have been tested among 48 Palestinians, and this figure is best for daily Jewish testing.

Prevention methods
So far, the results have been positive for about 193 Palestinian citizens, less than 2% of those affected. However, low numbers are far from promising. According to public health expert Neii Daoud, there can be many sick and tolerant people in the Palestinian community. Without proper testing, the number can increase rapidly.

Although the state paid particular attention to preventive measures against the Jewish people, no effort was made to attack the Palestinian people. The media did not translate for several weeks, and no investments were made to strengthen the health infrastructure in Palestinian cities and villages.

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