Earth day 2020 , when is earth day, Earth day 2020 date

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Dennis Hayes, who coordinated Earth’s firstday in 50 years and CE EO. At the Bollett Foundation, Seattle, addressing environmental concerns.

One day in the fall of Seattle, 1969, Dennis Hayes, a graduate student at Harvard University, met Senator Wisconsin Gaylord Nelson for 10 minutes. He was discussing his idea of a national theory on environmental protection. ,

Threat of harsh weather blankets in the state On Easter Sunday, the county opened storm shelters. According to the National Weather Service, hurricanes from the Mississippi provinces are monitored by hurricanes until 8 pm.

The visit lasted for a two-hour conversation, and in the end, Mr. Hayes got a job. Finally, on April 22, 1970, he organized the first Earth Day.

Since then, Mr. Hayes has participated in many other events dedicated to Earth Day, so it is not surprising that he was Head of Earth Day Honor 2020 that entered the digital scene during the Corona virus. Fifty years ago, he also focused on another threat to the planet, “climate change that is not part of the national debate.”

In the following days, Mr. Hayes established a link between the coronavirus and climate change and the federal government’s inability to manage any of them effectively. He wrote in the Seattle Times, “Covid-19 took Earth Day from us this year. So let’s make Earth Day election day. Encourage readers to engage in politics and postpone national division.” It’s November 3 to vote for Earth. “

The strength of the struggle to transform politics was at the heart of Earth’s first day. In 1970, nearly 20 million people from thousands of schools, colleges, universities, and communities in the U.S. participated in demonstrations, marches, environmental cleaning, and vehicle tracking trials. Some parts of Fifth Avenue in New York and Fourteenth Street were closed to celebration.

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At that time, a tenth of America’s population – a massive turnout and enthusiasm for change – led to unprecedented action by the federal government. Congress passed the Fresh Air Act, the Freshwater Act, and the Endangered Species Act. Nixon created the Environmental Protection Agency.

“This is the main thing that has fueled Nixon, and I’m afraid of it,” consumer lawyer Ralph Nader said in a recent interview. On the first Earth Day, it took place at the University of Buffalo.

Senator Nelson, one of the environmental pioneers of the time, was instrumental in inspiring Earth Day. Although Nader fully believes this, Hayes and his colleagues “sweat”.

Earlier last month, at a Mexican restaurant in Seattle, Mr. Hayes, the first hot spot for a coronavirus outbreak in the United States, passed the protocol without shaking hands with the cute, funny and polite bow. In these old photos he still looks young, but he thrives in genius. Dark hair is gray and sparse.

For hours of conversation, he narrated his journey from a small town in Washington to a personal mission to change the world.

Hayes, born in Wisconsin, moved with his family to Camus, a small town on the Columbia River where “at the age of six,” everyone knows everyone. His father worked at the Crown Seelerbach Paper Factory.

Earth day 2020 , when is earth day, Earth day 2020 date

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