The United States was the first country in the world to report more than 2,000 deaths from the Corona virus in one day.

Coronavirus: The death toll in the

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United States exceeds 2,000 a day

The United States was the first country in the world to report more than 2,000 deaths from the Corona virus in one day.

The United States was the first country in the world to report more than 2,000 deaths from the Corona virus in one day.

Nson Hopkins University data indicates that 2,108 people have died in the past 24 hours, and more than half a million confirmed infections are currently reported.

Italy may soon surpass Italy as the country with the largest number of coronavirus deaths in the world.

But White House experts from the White House working group say the epidemic is spreading across the United States.

Dr. Deborah Brix said there were good signs of stability, but she cautioned: “No matter how encouraged we are, we have not reached the top.”

President Donald Trump also said he expects the United States to see fewer casualties than the 100,000 original victims, adding: “We see clear signs that our aggressive strategy is saving countless lives.”

In other events:

The WHO chief warned that removing obstacles too early could lead to a “fatal resurrection” of the infection.
Brazil is the first country in the southern hemisphere to claim more than 1,000 deaths from the Corona virus
Turkey has ordered a 48-hour curfew in 31 cities, including Istanbul and Ankara, which must begin in the middle of the night. The announcement, made just two hours before the police hour began, was to panic and gather crowds of agents.
Aid agencies sound the alarm after confirming the first infection with the virus in Yemen, as health systems were destroyed during the years of the civil war.
What is the latest US data?
According to the United States, at least 18,693 deaths and 500,399 confirmed cases have been reported in the United States, according to Nons Hopkins, who monitors the disease worldwide. About half of all deaths occur in the New York area.

Italy recorded 18,849 deaths, while more than 102,000 people have died from the virus worldwide.

Researchers expect the death toll in the U.S. to rise on Friday and then begin to decrease, dropping to 1,970 by May 1, the day the Trump administration members flew as soon as possible to resume work. Openness to the economy.

“I want him to open as soon as possible,” Trump said at a White House news conference on Friday.

But he added that no action would be taken until the government discovered that “the country will be in good health.” “We don’t want to go back and do that again.”

The city rose
From Nada Tawfiq, BBC News, New York

The coronavirus has changed everything in life and is now increasing the death toll.

New Yorkers were shocked by the dark scenes: ambulances constantly roamed the deserted streets, body bags were transported in a maze in refrigerated trucks outside hospitals, and new trenches on Hart Island were now excavated in search of possible mass graves.

Remote cemeteries, which can only be reached by boat, are a place considered historically with grief over mass graves without tombstones, only unpublished corpses. The city’s miscreants can handle so much that they become a necessary temporary burial of the victims of Coyd-19, once the worst scenario has occurred.

Funeral directors publicly talk about their fear and crushing the death toll. Even before this week’s death toll, some families had to wait a week or more to bury and burn their loved ones.

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