The council advised the community to follow all the usual procedures for burying the dead, but if they encounter problems due to local government restrictions, they can offer alternatives.

Coronavirus and Islam:

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How Muslims Can Affect the Virus

Mohammad Hassan Fadel |

The coronavirus, first discovered in Wuhan, China, is now months away from infection, and the majority of the Muslim world is still struggling to adjust its size.

Governments around the world have taken drastic measures to prevent the spread of this deadly disease, including strict restrictions on public worship and a clear ban on daily prayer in the community. Churches, including Friday prayers.

Saudi Arabia has taken drastic measures to prevent two foreign tourists and domestic tourists from making a pilgrimage to the Umrah of Mecca against their own economic interests. On March 31, Saudi authorities warned that the annual pilgrimage would be over by the end of the year, which has certainly been welcomed by governments around the world, who have been infected with the deadly epidemic ever since. 1918 Spanish influenza.

The epidemic: The temptation from God?
However, these actions have been controversial in some parts of the Islamic world, as people have denounced the health threats of Kovid-19 or its influence on public opinion on sexuality. Ulation of the nature of the epidemic is hackneyed.

On the other hand, many groups and individuals acknowledge the validity of the epidemic, but refuse to comply with the restrictions placed on religious meetings and prayer meetings for theological reasons. The version is another test that God imposes on believers, or Muslims exercise faith in God to protect them from the effects of disease. Continue their training in Islam.

There is little debate among the Islamic public about the role of unity and humanity in the birth of the epidemic.

The coronavirus epidemic threatens to destroy much of the South, including the Muslim world. In the case of countries like China, Taiwan, South Korea and Singapore, the key to losing Covid-19’s public health products is distance from the powerful community, virus-based testing, maintaining good human contact, and continuous monitoring of repetitive outcomes.

There is a need for better public health infrastructure and educated people who can provide voluntary public health guidance – which is not the case in some southern states. As a result, some countries may be forced to accept that the “cow presidency” is the only way to fight the epidemic.

The turning point of the economy
Without “best practices” there can be serious consequences for all countries, including high mortality rates in developed countries, especially if there are no life-saving medical devices. Travelers.

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