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Corona virus: WHO chief kills “political” virus

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The head of the World Health Organization has called for unity, as the embassy is led by US President Donald Trump.

In an interview on Wednesday, Tedros Adhan Gebreesus general manager defended WHO and called for an end to Covid-19 policies.

The Ethiopians also claimed that he was threatened with death and subjected to racist violence.

Mr. Trump said he would consider stopping US funding to UN agencies.

The office condemned it as “very Chinese-oriented” and said their response was “very disappointing.”

Dr. Tedros declined to comment and insisted: “On almost every island we are.”

After the first attack on the World Health Organization the day before, President Trump repeated his criticism in a press release on Wednesday, saying he “should keep his priorities under

In response to questions in a speech on Wednesday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the administration was “overestimating our funding” for the World Health Organization, adding: “Organizations must work. They should publish the results.”

Covid-19 made its debut in December last year in its hometown of Wuhan, which had just completed 11 weeks. A former adviser to the former WHO chief said close cooperation with China was “necessary” to eradicate the disease.

Mr. Trump’s attacks on the WHO are criticized for how his administration has dealt with the epidemic, especially with the original test challenges.

The World Health Organization agreed to test the coronavirus in January – but the United States decided not to use it, but to develop it. However, in February, when test packages were released, some were poorly organized and led to random results.

Public health experts say the delay allowed the virus to further spread to the United States.

What did the president of the World Health Organization say?
Dr. Tedros said: “Please, national unity, do not use as a cofeed or any political point.” Second, true solidarity at the global level. And the real leadership from the United States and China.

In a comment on Trump, he said on Tuesday that he appeared to be “moving aggressively toward China.”

“They called it wrong. They really did – they didn’t see the call.” And we’re going to put a lot of money into the WHO. We will put in a lot of weapons and we’ll see. “

Ethiopians in the middle of the battle against the Corona virus
Coronavirus: Something is wrong with us – it is working
The United States is one of the largest voluntary service providers for agencies, and according to the World Health Organization, they contribute 15% of their total budget.

Dr. Tedros said he had followed the racist comments for two or three months.

He later stated that he was threatened with death, and added: “I do not climb the stairs.”

what is the answer?
He cursed that he was from Taiwan, and that the “Foreign Ministry has not withdrawn” itself.

However, Taiwanese President Cai Yuan intends to deny this, saying that his country is against discrimination.

Taiwan, which was ousted by the World Health Organization due to China’s rejection of membership, said it was unable to access important information during the outbreak of the coronavirus. This is a denial.

On Wednesday, Dr. Tedros conveyed a financial threat, saying he believed US funding would continue.

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres gave his voice in defense of the organization. He described the results as “unprecedented” and said that evaluation of medical care should be a problem in the future.

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