Until 1 pm this Monday (13th), 273.1 million visits were made to the program's websites. See how to register and ask questions.

33.7 million have already registered to apply for R $ 600

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emergency aid

Until 1 pm this Monday (13th), 273.1 million visits were made to the program’s websites. See how to register and ask questions.

Until 1 pm this Monday (13th), 273.1 million visits were made to the program's websites. See how to register and ask questions.

More than 33 million Brazilians have already signed up to request the R $ 600 emergency aid program. According to Caixa Econômica Federal, until 1 pm on Monday (13), 33.7 million people had already completed their registration on the website and in the application, through which informal, self-employed, unemployed and MEIs can apply for the benefit.

In addition, 273.1 million visits were made to the program’s websites, and the application had 35.6 million downloads. Calls to Central 111, in turn, reached 13.4 million.

The aid will be made available in three installments and the government expects that 54 million Brazilians will benefit, with an approximate cost of R $ 98 billion.

Learn how to settle the CPF
Step by step to request emergency assistance
Calendar and payment methods
Who is entitled and how does it work? Ask your questions
On Thursday (9), about 2.5 million people received the first installment of emergency aid announced by the government for informal workers. The first to receive were those who are in the Federal Government’s Single Registry, but do not receive Bolsa Família and have an account at Banco do Brasil or savings at Caixa.

Who has the right
For three months, emergency assistance of R $ 600 will be granted to workers who fulfill all these requirements:

be over 18 years of age with regularized CPF;
not having a formal job;
not having a social security or assistance benefit, unemployment insurance beneficiary or federal income transfer program, with the exception of Bolsa Família;
having monthly family income per person of up to half a minimum wage (R $ 522.50) or total monthly family income of up to three minimum wages (R $ 3,135);
which, in 2018, did not receive taxable income above R $ 28,559.70 in 2018.
Aid will be cut if non-compliance with these requirements is found. The worker must exercise activity on condition that:

individual microentrepreneur (MEI);
individual contributor to the General Social Security Regime who works for himself;
informal worker employed, self-employed or unemployed
flashing inactive
be enrolled in the Federal Government’s Single Registry for Social Programs (CadÚnico), until March 20, 2020
or that fits the monthly family income criteria mentioned above, as long as you make a self-declaration on the government website.
A woman who is a mother and head of the family and meets the other criteria may receive R $ 1,200 (two quotas) per month.

In family income, all income earned by all members living in the same household will be considered, except for Bolsa Família money.

Anyone who receives a benefit other than Bolsa Família (such as unemployment and retirement insurance) will not be entitled to emergency assistance.

How to ask for assistance
Workers can order in the following ways:

Click here to register on the website:
Click here to download the app for Android phones:
Click here to download the iOS app (Apple phones):

The application and website must be used by workers who are Individual Microentrepreneurs (MEIs), informal workers without registration and individual INSS contributors.

Those who already receive Bolsa Família or are enrolled in the Single Registry (CadÚnico) do not need to register through the application or website. Payment will be made automatically. (Click here to see how to know if you are in the Single Registry).

Caixa also provided a telephone number 111 to answer workers’ questions about emergency assistance. It will not be possible to register by phone, just ask questions

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